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Concealed Gun Permits

September 15, 1993

* Welcome to the Old West, L.A. style. ("L.A. to End Ban on Concealed Weapons Permits," Sept. 8). "You're on your own!" might as well be the new motto of the Los Angeles Police Department. Abdication of its position as law enforcement in Los Angeles is the bottom of the political barrel.

I just hope I don't upset any of these "lawyers, journalists or people who must carry large amounts of cash" while in line at movie theaters. The possibility of 10,000 more people running around this town "legally" armed brings up images of Dodge City. Except this time Festus is in charge and Marshal Dillon has retired to Palm Springs.


North Hollywood

* It is gratifying to see that Los Angeles is finally coming into compliance with the law regarding concealed-carrying permits. It is sad that it took a citizen lawsuit to force the city to do so, with the attendant waste of city tax dollars.

But the truly shocking element of your article was the comment by Heather Morse, West Coast coordinator of Handgun Control Inc. Characterizing the holders of concealed-carrying permits as "vigilantes" shows how out of touch with the realities of life that organization is.


West Los Angeles

* Guns are not the problem. People are the problem. Society is the problem. Unfortunately you can't ban people. Or our society.

The student shot on the first day of school (Sept. 8); the old woman who used a gun to cash her Social Security check. That's just one-half of one day.

Regardless of who has them, or who needs them, more guns on the street are simply that--more guns on the street.


Sherman Oaks

* The owner of a bobcat that attacked a youngster was cited for having an unlawful violent animal. How should we deal with the parents of a son who shoots a gun into a crowd of innocent schoolchildren?


Los Angeles

* I understand your dismay that California legislators in the Assembly--pressured by gun rights activists--backed off from SB 1128, which would have banned high-capacity firearm magazines (editorial, Sept. 1). In the eyes of any reasonable citizen, these magazines seem to have "no rightful place in California."

But get it straight. Citizens don't fight for the right to go squirrel hunting or target shooting. They fight for the right to maintain weapons for the purpose of dealing with potential tyrants. Look at guerrilla soldiers fighting tyrannies around the world. You think they'll screw around with 10-shot magazines instead of the 30-round banana clips they're using now?

America is the most heavily armed, bloodthirsty, trigger-happy nation in the world. We are also the freest, and that's not a coincidence. Big Brother won't turn on the hand that feeds him because that hand has 56 million privately owned guns pointed at his head.



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