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Official's Cynicism Disappoints Reader

September 16, 1993

I am really disappointed that you would print such a letter as Robert Ryan's (Aug. 29) in which he berates and derides the citizen activists who are working tirelessly to maintain the quality of life and natural values of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

As (ostensibly) a public servant, Ryan betrays his dim view of the public (and the public interest) by personally attacking those whose concerns he does not share, taking full advantage of the fact that these people do not have as high or far-reaching a soap box as he (nor would they resort to his tactics if they did).

Ryan and his ilk have reason to be concerned about the dire economic situation in Rancho Palos Verdes, but there are other, and in many peoples' view, equally important concerns for the area. Ryan was on board when his city stood by while the last remaining population of the Palos Verdes blue butterfly, a federally listed endangered species, was exterminated, probably by development at Hesse Park.

There are many Rancho Palos Verdes and other South Bay residents who feel that extreme care should be taken to protect the many other rare species and scenic resources, and opportunities for public access to these, on the peninsula.

If the current city government retains an attitude like Ryan's, it will never begin to make progress in alleviating the city's financial woes without addressing the very real environmental concerns of its constituency.

I and many others view the people who Ryan so cynically attacks as heroes, and it is difficult to hear, much less respect, the views of those who demean the ones we admire.


Redondo Beach

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