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OC HIGH: Student News & Views

September 16, 1993

Some students care deeply about their grade-point average because of athletic eligibility or college plans; others don't give it a second thought. OC High asks: "Is maintaining a certain GPA important to you?"

Responses gathered by Brian Singer, Fullerton High


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"It's not the GPA that counts. It's that you try your hardest. I would rather not be a statistic. There is more to life--much more."

Tina Lee, 17

senior, Brea-Olinda

"I really don't care anymore. I used to think it was, but now I really don't. In my school it got too competitive. People were driving each other crazy to get the highest GPA. I don't see the point. Extracurricular activities are (what) you need to get into college besides a high GPA."

Lori Francisco, 17

senior, El Toro

"Basically to get into college. That way you can get somewhere in life."

Jake Gallacher, 16

junior, El Modena

"Of course, because of sports. I have to get a 2.0. Otherwise, no."

Patrick Hyland, 14

sophomore, El Toro

"How can a GPA be that important when you look at some of the things people do to earn that GPA? I can see how a good GPA can get you into college. But there is life after GPA."

Hallie Kim, 17

senior, Brea-Olinda

"Yes, because it gets you into a good college."

Mike Davenport, 15

sophomore, El Dorado

"It's a good thing for college, and my parents have been talking about it for a long time."

Paul Wright, 14

freshman, Newport Harbor

"Most definitely. I'm going to college in a year now, and at a time when many people start slacking off (the senior year), I need to keep a strong GPA to show colleges I keep on trying."

Christina Nagel, 17

senior, Fullerton Union

"If I let it slip, it will only hurt all that I have worked for in the past years. I need to maintain, if not improve, my class ranking. Doing so will give me the extra boost I need to be accepted in the college or university of my choice in this highly competitive world."

Aaron Oei, 16

junior, Servite

"I want to get into a good college, and I think it's a real important factor. I realize that as long as I try my hardest, my GPA doesn't matter. After all, it's only a number."

Sejal Patel, 15

junior, Kennedy

"Of course GPA is important to get into a good college. However, I believe that doing my best will bring satisfaction. For I know that God will use me regardless of what degree and career I choose to pursue."

David Huang, 15

junior, University

"If I didn't pressure myself to maintain the highest GPA attainable, I would justify the lowest GPA as acceptable."

John Niccolai, 15

junior, Servite

"Yes, so I can go to a good college."

Jason Best, 15

freshman, El Toro

"With the skyrocketing college fees, I find it hard for me to attend the college of my choice without the aid of scholarships. Unfortunately, a great factor in getting accepted to college or gaining scholarships is your GPA. But one's GPA does not show people one's capabilities and determination."

Kimly Tran, 16

junior, Santa Ana Valley

"I try not to be competitive with my friends, but I still push myself to do better. Rather than working hard due to any outside pressure, I simply feel the need to do the best that I possibly can."

Jason Van Norman, 17

senior, Troy

"Maintaining a high GPA is very important. College recruiters and high school counselors claim that a person's GPA is only a small part of the selection process for admittance into a college, but . . . I know many people who did not participate in extracurricular activities in high school . . . yet they got into some of the best colleges on their grades and test scores alone."

Nghia Nguyen, 17

senior, Anaheim

"No, because I don't care."

Alex Smith, 16

sophomore, Newport Harbor

"Yes, because my parents are proud of me if I get a high GPA."

Brian Smith, 14,

freshman, Newport Harbor

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