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Maybe They Should Rename It the Weird Boxing Organization

September 17, 1993|Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tommy Morrison's bizarre WBO heavyweight victory over Tim Tomashek last month has been declared a "non-title victory."

Alberto Aleman, chairman of the board for the World Boxing Organization, said the decision came after a unanimous vote Monday by the sanctioning body's championship committee.

Aleman, who supervised the Aug. 30 fight in Kansas City, was one of the seven committee members to vote.

Edward Levine, chairman of the WBO championship committee, did not return phone calls made by the Associated Press. But Aleman said Levine waited until all seven members voted before announcing the decision.

The Puerto Rico-based WBO concluded Aleman went beyond the scope of his authority in making the last-minute decision to allow an out-of-shape Tomashek to replace Mike Williams, who pulled out 90 minutes before the fight.

"Under the circumstances, I said OK to the fight because there would have probably been a riot," Aleman said from his Panama home.

Tony Carbajo, a spokesman for the Morrison camp, said he was unaware of the WBO's decision.

"I haven't heard a thing about it," Carbajo said. "Boxing has become so crazy."

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