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MISSION VIEJO : Council Extends Adult-Business Law

September 18, 1993|FRANK MESSINA

A temporary adult-business ordinance was extended for 10 months by the City Council this week, even though city officials expect to wrap up a final version of the law next month.

The law is intended to reduce the impact of any adult businesses moving to town by restricting where they can locate.

Four areas in Mission Viejo have been set aside for such businesses. Although none exist in the city, council members have taken additional steps to set up roadblocks by setting a limit of two businesses in each adult zone and imposing a $1,900 permit fee on firms dealing in sexual material.

"We want to make it pretty unappealing for them to think about locating here," said Councilwoman Susan Withrow. "We can't ban them, but we can make Mission Viejo unattractive to adult businesses."

Although some members of the audience at this week's meeting spoke passionately for an outright ban, the courts have made it clear that city laws that eliminate all adult businesses will be overturned, said city attorneys.

"Our objective is to be as restrictive as possible without resorting to a ban" of adult businesses, said Assistant City Atty. John Cavanaugh.

The Planning Commission has been working on a permanent version of the ordinance for the past six months.

Commissioners will hold their 12th public meeting or workshop on the adult-business law on Thursday.

A final commission recommendation on the law is expected at the Oct. 3 meeting, and the City Council could vote on a permanent ordinance by the end of the month.

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