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Trojans Come Out to Defend the Family

September 18, 1993

Professional Trojan-hater Jim Schweitzer brands USC an "all-white men's club that excludes blacks and women" (Viewpoint, Sept. 11).

Then, curiously, he uses Marianne Stanley as one of his examples to prove his point. Unless my eyes deceive me, Stanley's replacement as USC women's basketball coach, Cheryl Miller, is not white and not male.

And who hired Miller? USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett. And who is Miller's men's counterpart? George Raveling. Both gentlemen are black.

What in the world is Schweitzer talking about?


Los Angeles


If Jim Schweitzer thinks that a couple of lawsuits over the last several years degrade the Trojan family spirit, he's a Bruin barking up the wrong tree. It would be refreshing if Jim would quit taking cheap shots at USC and take a long, hard look at the UCLA football program, where convicted criminals are welcome to play as long as they can run 4.5 in the 40.



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