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September 23, 1993|Responses gathered by Brian Singer, senior, Fullerton High

Some schools teach AIDS awareness in health class; some have special assemblies; some don't address the matter at all. OC High asks: "Do you think AIDS issues are being addressed appropriately in the schools?"

"They don't talk about it, really. They don't teach you about it."

Michele Berg, 15, sophomore, El Toro

"They talk about it openly a lot, and they explain it to us."

Brandon Miller, 14, freshman, Corona del Mar

"I don't think the AIDS issues are emphasized enough in the schools. Teens in the '90s are experimental and want to explore having sex, though some don't know the importance in practicing safe sex."

Tim McMahan, 17, senior, Sonora

"After freshman health (class), that's it."

Chong Roh, 16, junior, Canyon

"I learned about (AIDS) in the junior highs. They do talk about it enough" in the high schools.

Mo Erro, 15, freshman, El Toro

"I've never heard anything about AIDS talked about in the schools."

Adam Miller, 17, senior, Orange

"I don't even think I've ever heard anything about AIDS. Nothing is addressed at my school. It's not even written on (in) paper form."

Lena Tieu, 17, senior, Fullerton Union

"You don't learn about it in school. You learn about it only in TV and other media."

John MacPherson, 14, freshman, Corona del Mar

"All I hear is personal advice, nothing planned."

Rich Kim, 16, junior, Mission Viejo

"The teachers talk about it all the time."

John Barraza, 15, sophomore, Sonora

"I don't think we learn enough in school. I think we should have an AIDS awareness dance to make people more aware."

Noah Showalter, 15, sophomore, Corona del Mar

"They never talk about it. They just talk about drugs, not AIDS."

Kevin Kambak, 17, senior, Troy

"They don't address the issues at all. They don't talk about it at all."

Larry Sanders, 17, junior, Servite

"I don't think the AIDS issue is being talked about here in school because they only talk to us for like 15 to 20 minutes, and they think that's enough. I don't think so."

Steven Lopez, 18, senior, Sonora

"No, because they think condoms can save everyone. I think they should teach abstinence."

Souxsie Kim, 16, junior, Garden Grove

"It gets addressed more on TV than in the schools. A lot of the advice is just propaganda. A lot of it is false according to factual evidence."

Bryant Kim, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"Yes, because they teach you about safe sex."

Brian Weathersby, 14, sophomore, El Toro

"Not really. They're not talking about how condoms can be used to prevent AIDS. I think it should be done more."

Sarah Sparks, 14, freshman, Rosary

"Teachers talk about it a lot. In health (class) they talk a lot about it."

Steve Fierro, 15, sophomore, Esperanza

"Yes, in health class I learned about it. I did a report."

Greg Coleman, 14, freshman, Corona del Mar

"No, they don't go through it enough."

Elva Cortes, 16, senior, Rosary

"I never hear about it, so I don't know. It's probably being covered, but I've never heard about it."

Troy Hitt, 15, freshman, Brea Olinda

"I don't think it is. You only take it in health. Then you don't talk about it anymore."

Chris Chib, 15, sophomore, Brea Olinda


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