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OC HIGH : video game review : Super WrestleMania: For Genesis from Flying Edge ; $49.95


Do you have a Hulk Hogan for President bumper sticker on your car? Would you want Irwin R. Schyster with you at an IRS audit? Do you believe professional wrestling should be an Olympic sport?


Super WrestleMania puts you in the ring with Hogan, Schyster, the Ultimate Warrior and the rest of the motley crew from the World Wrestling Federation.

And even though you may be that legendary 98-pound weakling who gets sand kicked in his face at the beach, you (in the guise of your favorite wrestler) can, with a bit of practice, pound the stuffings out of the meanest, baddest thugs in WWF history.

SWM gives you a number of ways to play: one or two players, four match formats and three difficulty levels.

Formats include one-on-one (your wrestler against the computer or another player), tag team (two-on-two), survivor series (four-on-four) and tournament.

When you fire up the cart, the computer will ask you which wrestler you want to be. Choose from among eight of the best-known ringmeisters, including Hulk, Schyster, Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Ted Dibiase, the British Bulldog, Papa Shango and Randy Savage.

As the match opens, you and your opponent face off in the ring. Now comes the hard part--getting your man to complete the graceful moves with which he will smash, mash and pound the opposition into paste.

Hitting the controller buttons in the right order will call up such illegal but frequently practiced moves as the head butt, the elbow drop, the ever-popular stomp and the always-dangerous clothesline.

You and your opponent each have a power meter on the screen. Make the bad guy's power meter drop to zero before yours gets there and you are ready for the final move, the coup de grace-- the pin. Even if you continue to pummel your opponent after his meter is blank, the match won't end until you complete that basic rasslin' move.

In addition to the generic mayhem the wrestlers share, each also has a special move only he can perform, which can be summoned by pushing the proper buttons.

For instance, as Randy Savage you can climb on the ring post and perform the flying elbow drop. The British Bulldog brings with him the power slam, and the Hulkster has at his command the fearsome leg drop.

And just like real (a relative term) wrestling, you can take the match outside the ring, battling just like the real wrestlers do, to the delight of spectators and the dismay of the ever-vigilant referee.

Actually, SWM is an excellent re-creation of life in a WWF ring. All the tricks of the trade are there at your command, with solid graphics and smooth controls to make it easy.

And although the wrestlers are a bit small, the hand-to-hand combat is as good as most fighting carts. If you like pro wrestling, well, you'll probably love Super WrestleMania.

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