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MOVIE REVIEW : 'Eye': Coming Soon to a Video Store Near You!


"Eye of the Stranger" (citywide, rated R for brutal violence and strong sexuality) is a bargain-bin melodrama en route to the video bin. The writer-director-producer-star is David Heavener, and he plays the stranger, er Stranger. Inexplicably, despite that title, he has two ) eyes--no cyclops he.

This mysterious stranger who cleans up a corrupt town isn't required to say very much, though. Modeled on Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name, he's also very close to being the Man With No Voice. He's also the Man With Perpetual Five O'Clock Shadow (for that all-important menacing effect).

Besides Heavener, the cast includes such stalwarts as Sally Kirkland, who is required to deliquesce through yet another soft-focus nude scene, Martin Landau, who plays the town's despicable mayor, and Stella Stevens as a boozy physician. There's also a heaping of relatives-of-stars, including Joe Estevez (brother of Martin Sheen) and Don Swayze (brother of Patrick.) John Pleshette is also in the cast, and one would like to think he's related to Suzanne. May they all enjoy their recompense.

'Eye of the Stranger'

David Heavener: Mysterious stranger

Martin Landau: Howard Baines

Don Swayze: Rudy

Sally Kirkland: Lori

A Silverlake International Pictures presentation of a David Heavener production. Director David Heavener. Producer David Heavener. Screenplay by David Heavener. Cinematographer Paul Edwards. Editor Chris Roth. Music Robert Garrett. Running time: 1 hour, 46 minutes.

MPAA-rated R for brutal violence and a scene of strong sexuality.

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