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BUENA PARK : Proposal for Library System Criticized

September 24, 1993|DEBRA CANO

A proposal to make the local library system a part of municipal services has come under fire by two City Council members.

City Manager Kevin O'Rourke told the council this week that recent meetings between the city staff and Buena Park Library District officials have resulted in a recommendation that a consultant be hired to study the issue.

O'Rourke said that the estimated $10,000 cost for the study would be paid for by the library district.

Although the council took no action, two members said it was pointless to proceed with the study.

Councilwoman Rhonda J. McCune said the city is facing money woes and that creating another city department would only add to the financial burden.

"At this time, it's simply ludicrous," McCune said. "My inclination is, don't bother to proceed."

Councilwoman Donna L. Chessen said she also believes that the city doesn't need to be part of the study.

"I think we have enough issues of our own to work on," Chessen said. "We have a lot of financial problems, and it might be more than we need to take on at this time."

Library district officials had earlier asked council members to consider studying the possibility of consolidating the district, founded in 1919, with either the county system or city services.

Because of continued cutbacks by the state in property tax revenues to the library district, the district's Board of Trustees decided to look at other options. The library system is a special district, which derives 85% of its revenue from property taxes.

O'Rourke said that while there would be no cost to the city for the study, the city should consider being part of a contract between the consultant and the library district.

The three other council members favor pursuing a study.

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