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SUN VALLEY : Store's Wall Offered as Site for Mural

September 24, 1993|ED BOND

A local hardware store owner has offered the outside wall of his shop as the site of a mural to be painted by local youths.

"Anything that would be nice for the community and make the corner look nicer would be good," said Jack Forsch, owner of Roscoe Hardware, which would be the site for the mural. "Perhaps they can have something there that will stop graffiti around here."

The process of painting the mural is being organized by the Sun Valley Community Venture Council, a community organization funded by the San Fernando Valley United Way. The group is looking for an artist to design it who can work with local high school students and gang members.

Forsch said he is open to ideas for the mural, which would be visible to the Metrolink trains passing near the intersection of San Fernando Road and Sunland Boulevard.

"I've lived here for 76 years, but I'm not an artist," Forsch said.

Jan Liptak, head of the community mobilization committee for the council, would like to see the mural be a sign of a pride in the community.

"It really is a fractured community," Liptak said. "I don't think most people even know what the boundaries are."

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