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Calleguas' Miller to Lead MWD Board

September 25, 1993|DOUG McCLELLAN

Patrick Miller, the soft-spoken chairman of the board of the Calleguas Municipal Water District, was named acting chairman of the 51-member board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California this week.

The move follows the resignation of former chairman Michael J. Gage, who was one of eight representatives to the board from the city of Los Angeles. Gage was replaced by Mayor Richard Riordan.

Miller, who had been serving as a vice chairman, will hold office for a maximum of 90 days, or until new elections for chairman take place.

An MWD spokesman said the 90-day period will not begin until Gage's replacement is sworn in as a board member. That date has not yet been scheduled.

Miller said Friday that he has no desire to run for a full term as chairman. Instead, Miller plans to help find a candidate who would be acceptable to most board members, to prevent the kind of bitter race that led to Gage's election last year.

Miller also said he hoped his brief tenure would bring more attention to Calleguas within Ventura County. The county's largest water wholesaler, Calleguas serves 80% of the population but is often overlooked by officials and customers.

"If we have enough moxie at MWD to become a vice chair and even a chairman pro tem, it should add some respect for us and credibility," Miller said.

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