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THOUSAND OAKS : Revised Alcohol Sales Law to Be Considered

September 25, 1993|CARLOS V. LOZANO

Under a revised ordinance being considered by the City Council, Thousand Oaks' nightclubs would be prohibited from selling alcohol when minors are allowed inside during special events. The revision also calls for clubs to provide adequate security personnel to maintain order and to ensure that noise and music from a club do not reach an excessive level.

The revisions were prompted by complaints from neighbors of the Red Onion restaurant and club and police. Although the rules would apply to any club in the city, they are designed to eliminate alcohol sales during Teen Nights at the Red Onion club Sundays and Monday. Patrons 21 and older wear bracelets to show they are permitted to drink.

Red Onion officials have protested that banning alcohol sales during Teen Nights would probably force the club to close on Sunday and Monday nights. They said the club depends on alcohol sales to turn a profit at night.

But police and residents say that while the Red Onion has taken a number of steps to improve its image and to step up security, there has been a history of problems at the club ranging from reports of underage drinking to fistfights.

"We're seeing an increase in problems, so I think it's necessary to address these kinds of difficulties" before they get worse, said Councilwoman Jaime Zukowski.

Councilman Frank Schillo said he also believes the city's clubs need to be more tightly regulated. "We have to have some type of order," he said.

The council will take up the nightclub issue at its meeting Tuesday at City Hall.

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