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Altadena : Council Alternate Censured

October 28, 1993

The Altadena Town Council has voted to censure an alternate member and suspend him for six months.

Jonathan Vos Post, who in May barely lost the election in his Altadena neighborhood and became an alternate, was suspended Oct. 19 after an investigation by council members, said Gregory Norden, council chairman.

According to a committee report, Vos Post "displayed reprehensible conduct in an incident with an Altadena resident."

Norden said the investigation was begun after a resident asked the council to discipline Vos Post for an Aug. 18 incident in which she claimed Vos Post deflated her car tire and pushed her.

Vos Post also continued to contest his election defeat despite agreeing to accept a council decision that no irregularities occurred, according to the report.

"This is a transparent, mudslinging attack by the Altadena Town Council," said Vos Post, a writer and business owner.

Vos Post, 41, said he is considering filing a defamation or libel suit against individual council members over the suspension proceedings. He called the allegations ridiculous.

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