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BREA : School Board Won't Allow Political Signs

November 03, 1993|MIMI KO

Political signs will not be allowed on any school campus in the Brea Olinda Unified School District beginning Dec. 1.

School board trustees voted 4-1 this week to prohibit anyone from posting political signs anywhere on campus, including buildings and fences, at any time.

The policy "will be challenged immediately because it's ridiculous," said board member Todd Spitzer, who voted against it. "It insulates the incumbents."

He said that political activity at schools during community events such as soccer tournaments helps candidates, especially those vying for a seat on the school board, get name recognition and contact constituents. The new policy, Spitzer said, can only help incumbents.

He stressed, however, that he is against campaigning during school hours.

"I personally don't think the community wants to see (political signs) all over the campuses," board member Lynn Doucher said. Doucher said that the public may think the schools endorse the candidates whose posters are found on the facilities.

"There are plenty of other places where you can put up signs," Doucher said.

The rest of the board agreed. Frank Davies and Leonard MacKain were absent from Monday's meeting.

Other restrictions under the new policy include prohibiting campaign workers from blocking school entrances or interfering with school-related activities such as athletic events.

Handing out political literature at a game would be considered a violation of the policy because it might interfere with the enjoyment of the game, school officials said.

People will be allowed to pass out campaign materials in parking lots with permission from school administrators.

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