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Countywide : Playhouse Auction to Benefit Homeless

November 12, 1993|MIMI KO

Miniature replicas of Minnie Mouse's house, Merlin's magic castle and six other elaborate structures will be sold Saturday to raise money for shelters for the homeless during HomeAid Orange County's second annual "Project Playhouse" auction and party.

The replicas were designed by Orange County home builders for children to play in and are on display at Fashion Island Newport Beach. Some have kitchens, fireplaces, landscaping and battery- and solar-powered electricity. All were custom-decorated by interior designers.

The party begins at 5 p.m. and the auction begins at 7 p.m. in a tent near the Hard Rock Cafe in Newport Beach. About 300 people are expected to attend. The event raised $85,000 last year.

Already, $4,000 has been raised in the sale of $1 raffle tickets. The prize is a miniature replica of the Hard Rock Cafe.

Proceeds benefit HomeAid Orange County, the Building Industry Assn.'s nonprofit program to build shelters for the homeless. Since its inception four years ago, HomeAid has completed 14 shelter projects using donated materials and labor and money from fund-raisers such as Project Playhouse.

"The playhouses are quite detailed and elaborate," said Don Jacobs, co-chairman of the event. "They're incredible, and it's a win-win situation for the builders, children and homeless."

The miniature playhouses are:

* Hard Rock Cafe, built by Fieldstone Communities Inc.

* 9 Maple View Lane, built by Brock Homes.

* Kape Kid Cottage, built by the CenterStone Co.

* Merlin's Magic Castle, built by Greystone Homes.

* Stonybrook Cottage, built by William Lyon Homes Inc.

* Minnie's Mini-House, built by the Presley Co.'s Southern California division and Disneyland.

* San Juan Express Locomotive, built by the San Juan Co.

* Surf Hut, built by Shea Homes.

* California Pacific Railroad train station, built by California Pacific Homes.

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