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MOVIE REVIEW : Mike Leigh's Raw, 'Naked' Truth


What "Naked" is after instead is an illumination of the intricacies of life, an elaboration of the obvious truth, rarely this passionately explored, that people are more though not necessarily better than they seem, that their qualities feed off each other, the good inseparable from the bad. The Johnny at the close feels intangibly but totally different from the one we experienced at the opening, and a film that allows us to view reality through that kind of double lens is impressive indeed.



David Thewlis: Johnny

Lesley Sharp: Louise

Katrin Cartlidge: Sophie

Greg Cruttwell: Jeremy

Clair Skinner: Sandra

Peter Wight: Brian

A Thin Man Films production, released by Fine Line Features. Director Mike Leigh. Producer Simon Channing-Williams. Screenplay Mike Leigh. Cinematographer Dick Pope. Editor Jon Gregory. Costumes Lindy Hemming. Music Andrew Dickson. Production design Alison Chitty. Art director Eve Stewart. Running time: 2 hours, 11 minutes.

Times-rated Mature for rape sexual violence and beatings .

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