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Beware Common Hazards

January 01, 1994| From Associated Press

The key to making your home safe for infants is to survey and resurvey. While the task may seem overwhelming at first, taking safety precautions can quickly become an ingrained habit.

Here are some basic safety precautions:

* Cover electrical outlets. (Some safety covers protect plugged-in appliance cords as well as unused outlets.)

* Use window guards or sturdy screens to avoid a fall. Never place furniture near windows. Tie drapery or mini-blind cords high, out of reach.

* Always throw away plastic bags and wrappings, such as dry-cleaning bags, shrink-wraps and shopping bags that could suffocate a child.

* Keep older siblings' toys away from baby. Toys for children age 3 and up often have smaller pieces that could choke a baby.

* Use carpet and area rugs to provide traction and a soft surface for inevitable falls. Place skidproof padding underneath.

* Keep children from climbing stairs unsupervised by placing gates at the top and bottom of the staircase. Don't use old accordion-style gates, which could entrap a child.

* Never let your children play in the garage or workbench area of your home, where almost everything is a hazard.

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