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Fads, Fashion and Foolery for 1994

January 04, 1994|WILLIAM R. LONG

Rio de Janeiro — PARTY-HEARTY CROWD: For a few frenzied days in mid-February, the Brazilian capital will put aside its problems and make believe it really is the carefree urban playground of its erstwhile international image.

Rio's crime, poverty, corruption, congestion and pollution will not matter as the tropical metropolis transcends itself in the euphoria of its famous pre-Lenten Carnavale. Samba clubs will parade in the Sapucai (or "sambadrome") to the sounds of songs written just for this year's extravaganza--songs of fantasy and frivolity, poetry and joy. Many of them will include gushing tributes to the chaotic but charming city.

A preview, from a club called Unidas da Tijuca:

"Oh! Rio

Cradle of great passions

Of so many songs

What I love most is your warmth

Sensual, seductive summer

It has the taste of parties

It has the scent of love

I'm the new wave, I'm in style

From hang gliding to jet ski

I'm going to shine in fantasy

Today in the Sapucai."

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