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Interest in Szyk Show Grows

January 08, 1994

Following publication of the article (on the exhibit in Placentia of works by Polish manuscript illuminator Arthur Szyk, "Illuminated by Arthur Szyk's Work," Dec. 24), I have received telephone calls from San Francisco, New York, Boca Raton and many other places around the country. Readers in Orange County read the article and sent it to their friends and relatives. I have also received several calls from local residents.

The Placentia Library reports visitors from Riverside, Corona and other cities outside Orange County. Rita Chemers of Chemers Gallery, who was mentioned in the article, also reports many telephone calls.

The library has extended the exhibit until Jan. 31. Szyk's World War II cartoons will be added to the exhibit this week. His cartoons are collected around the world and were very popular.

During the war, they appeared in many newspapers, and magazines, including Collier's and Esquire. In the archives, I find mention of a survey carried out by Esquire. The findings were that Szyk's cartoons were favored by the troops over the "pinup" girls! These pages now sell for $35 and $50 each!

Thank you.


Exhibition Curator


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