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Responding to Gates' Most Recent Departure

January 08, 1994

I'm so disappointed that Chief Daryl Gates is leaving KFI radio ("Daryl Gates on Show's End: 'I Have Real Mixed Emotions,' " Dec. 30). He brought a touch of class to a station that tends to cater to the crude and sleazy at times.

The Chief was always so gracious and charming to his callers, even those who were rude and insulting. I used to wish he would tell some of them where to go, but he was always such a great gentleman.

I hope Chief Gates accepts one of the television offers. He's so handsome; it will be nice to see him as well as hear him.


Manhattan Beach

I just had a good laugh when I read that Daryl Gates is leaving KFI radio. He was quoted as saying, "I can't imagine why people listened!" Ha! I guess no one told the former police chief that his program was a bona fide cure for insomnia.


La Puente

"I can't imagine why people listened. . . ." I can't either.


San Pedro

Well. There goes one of my New Year's resolutions already. I really was going to listen to Gates' talk show, sometime. Limbaugh and Stern too.

One down and two to go.



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