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L.a. Speak

January 09, 1994|Eric Lichtblau

In the constant wooing of contributors, political operatives can wax lyrical:.

cogs n . the campaign signs ("Yes on 174!") that sprout from yards and lots as elections near. Named after the state's biggest political sign-maker--Candidates Outdoor Graphic Services of Belmont, Calif.

do-gooder rules n . ethics laws restricting campaign contributions. "We could pull down $50,000 easy from the union, but watch out for the do-gooder rules. "

dump n . a dinner, cocktail party or other fund-raising event that allows backers to "dump" dozens of contributions on a campaign at one sitting. "The chief has a breakfast dump at the Century Plaza, then a stump speech at 2 p.m." Syn. scoop .

GOTV n. or v . oft-used battle cry to "get out the vote" through phone banks, precinct work, etc. "Who's doing the GOTV? It's only two weeks to the election."

Hail Mary n . a campaign backer who attends an event, but when it comes time to pay up on the pledge--well, say a prayer. "We had four Hail Marys at that last scoop; let's see if we can collect on any of them."

hand-holder n . campaign official designated to tend to the needs of the candidate's spouse during the hectic times of the campaign.

meet 'n' greet n . a schmooze session that allows a candidate to meet potential supporters without hitting them up for contributions--yet.

prospecting v . making cold calls in an effort to hit fund-raising gold.

quid n . a donor who makes a contribution but always expects a quid pro quo. "We've got some quids who want to set up a meeting on next week's vote."

well-dweller n . a campaign backer who won't contribute to a political event without being assured seats in the "well" near the front of the event. Also known as HTOD s--short for Head Table Or Die.

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