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Party of the Century

January 09, 1994

* Re "Book It, L.A.: The Party of the Century Is 6 Years Away," Dec. 31:

Let's see if I understand: On midnight, Dec. 31, 1999, we will celebrate the completion of 1,999 years but will count it as 2,000 years.

No, wait: Since the first millennium was mistakenly observed a year early (at the end of 999 years), we will be celebrating the completion of 1,000 years since then.


Lake View Terrace

* The Times made a mistake by reporting the party of the century will occur on the last day of 1999.

In fact, the end of the second millennium is actually on midnight of Dec. 31, 2000. The first day of the third millennium is Jan. 1, 2001.



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