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Nuns Killed in Liberia

January 11, 1994

* In response to "5 Seekers of Good Find Evil," Dec. 26, and "Days of Grace End in Terror," Dec. 27:

To the families and friends of the nuns, Sisters Barbara Ann Muttra, Shirley Kolmer, Joel Kolmer, Agnes Mueller and Kathleen McGuire, murdered in Liberia, please accept our deepest regrets and pledge to locate and bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of your loved ones.

We shall isolate and expose the guilty and let judgment be levied by people of conscience. Today, crimes committed by those hungry for power may be overlooked by the international community, but we refuse to accept criminals as our leaders. They will be held accountable for their actions. Justice will be served!

Thousands of Liberians have benefited from the goodwill and compassion of nuns and people like them. St. Patrick's High, the school Sister Shirley reopened during a lull in the fighting, is where many Liberians, myself included, received our secondary education. As a matter of gratitude, we will not rest until those guilty of the unprovoked killings are identified and punished.


Executive Director

Centre for Liberian Assistance Inc.

Long Beach

* Your articles by Richard E. Meyer on the deaths of the five Adorers of the Blood of Christ missionaries were excellent. There are few real, vital role models in our society today. The faith, courage and charity of these magnificent women are a shot in the arm to a weary, solipsistic and jaded society. We need more of these stories. The selflessness and heroism of these great ladies really inspired these 76-year-old bones of mine. Their lives are signs of hope to a weary and somewhat cynical world.


Pastor Emeritus, St. John

Vianney Catholic Community

Hacienda Heights

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