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Wilson's State Budget

January 13, 1994

* It is a well-known fact that education is a major key to upward mobility. Gov. Pete Wilson's proposed budget, by forcing increased tuition at not only the community college level but also for the state's two university systems (Jan. 7), makes the road to higher education more difficult to travel. At the same time he proposed $2 billion for construction of new prisons.

A year of incarceration is much more costly and certainly less beneficial than a year of higher education. It seems to me, Wilson has his priorities and cost/benefit analyses rather confused. By his logic of reward, crime pays better than education.


Corona del Mar

* This writer is not a fan of the governor, as he and his predecessor have done more to undermine local law enforcement efforts than the public can imagine. However, contrary to the opinion of Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco), his plan to imprison three-time losers for life has merit. Violent felons are predators and should be caged like any other predators for as long as possible. Barring that, perhaps they could all be paroled to Brown's district.


Long Beach

* What makes Pete Wilson think that more prisons, stiffer and mandatory jail sentences will solve the crime problem? Why not spend the $2 billion to send prisoners back to school and offer technical as well as academic training? Then, when they finish their jail terms they will have a job and a stake in society.



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