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Politics: Motion Follow-Up by Council

January 13, 1994

In the Thursday, Dec. 30 edition of the San Gabriel Valley Section, Mr. Bob Cook had published a letter criticizing me for lack of follow-up with respect to a motion that directed our city manager to inform the public of city tax exemptions as they relate to income levels. Mr. Cook published this same letter in two other local papers in recent weeks and was promptly taken to task by the mayor and city manager as well as myself for the false information presented as well as the cheap shot.

First of all, the city manager responded immediately to the motion of informing the public by publishing on the first page of the South Pasadena Review on July 28, 1993, one week after the council meeting in question. Due to review deadlines, he was composing the day after the council meeting. Can't get much better than that.

Second, it's quite obvious from the above that no follow-up was required; and if there were, it would be the responsibility of each council member to follow up, not just the member who made the motion. We all voted positively on it.

And third, the city completed its legal and moral obligations by publishing the information. It does not and should not have to communicate to the public via notices in the water bill as the norm.

Mr. Cook attends every council meeting and is not shy about taking up council time asking questions about almost every agenda item, and usually has something to say during the non-agenda public comment period. Not once during the last five months has he inquired about this subject.

Mr. Farfsing (city manager) did his job. No follow-up by me or anyone else was required.


Councilman , South Pasadena

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