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City Council Report

January 13, 1994

BEVERLY HILLS: Maybe it's a sign of the economic times. The City Council wants to increase the tax on local hotel room rentals--and hoteliers welcome the move.

The increase, which the council plans to consider Tuesday, will boost the bed tax from 12% to 14%. The resulting $1.2 million a year in revenues will be used to promote the city as a tourist destination.

That's what pleases hotels. Like other local businesses, they could use an infusion of tourists to help offset the effects of recession.

MALIBU: Councilman Walt Keller this week took out papers to run for a second term.

Keller's is one of two council seats up for election on April 12. The other is occupied by John Harlow, who was appointed to the council in April, 1992, to fill a vacancy. Harlow plans to run for reelection.

Ten others have pulled nomination papers and must gather at least 20 signatures to get on the ballot: David V. Lease, Jack T. Corrodi, Judy Decker, Robert H. Stratman, Greg Ball, Louis Ragsdale, Rami Alon Frankel, Edward Albert, Duncan T. Moran and Peter Tompkins.

LOS ANGELES: Joining other public and private agencies to help homeless veterans, the City Council has agreed to earmark $50,000 for a temporary shelter at the Veteran's Medical Center in West Los Angeles.

The grant would help the Veterans Administration and Salvation Army convert part of the medical center into a 21,000-square-foot transitional housing facility for homeless veterans. Veterans would be able to stay up to one year and receive job training, counseling and medical treatment.


* Beverly Hills: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. 450 Crescent Drive. (310) 285-2400.

* Los Angeles: 10 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. (213) 485-3126.

* Santa Monica: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. 1685 Main St. (310) 393-9975.

* West Hollywood: 7 p.m. Monday. Park Auditorium, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd. (310) 854-7460.

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