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PERSPECTIVES / LETTERS : Hooray for Youths Pledging Chastity

January 15, 1994

It was refreshing to read that thousands of youth all over America are saving sex for marriage. ("Youths at Baptist Convention Pledge Chastity Till Marriage," Jan. 8).

In the '60s, the saying was "never trust anyone over 30." Perhaps teens today could say the same thing. So many adults in their lives, including authority figures, say the young can't control their sexual urges and must be medicated, fitted and rubberized.

Perhaps these youngsters see through the "safe sex" message because sexually transmitted diseases are now epidemic in our country. Today there are about 20 significant STDs (compared to two 30 years ago). . . . Sixty-three percent of new infections occur in the under-25 age group.

The teens who are taking the Chastity Pledge have decided not to listen to their unwise elders--including Dr. Joycelyn Elders, surgeon general. Hooray!




Hooray for the thousands of teen-agers at the Baptist Convention in Anaheim and nationwide who've signed pledges of chastity until marriage. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.


Manhattan Beach

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