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VIEWPOINT / LETTERS : The Absolute Finish to College Football

January 15, 1994

Is USC fan Ron Van Meter serious? In his letter to The Times (Jan. 8) he labels Notre Dame's finishing as the second-best college football team in the nation "the most perfect kind of pain that could be inflicted upon Notre Dame's alumni and fans."

Here's my definition of painful. It's when your college football team:

--Loses its season opener by 22 points to a team that loses to the national champion by 26 points.

--Has a two-year 1-1 bowl record against powerhouses Utah and Fresno State.

--Has an 0-11 record against Notre Dame since 1983.


North Hollywood


In the Jan. 8 Viewpoint, Ken Williston is obviously upset about what he feels was unfair treatment at the hands of Wisconsin fans in the Rose Bowl.

Apparently, Mr. Williston has not been paying much attention to the actions of his fellow Bruins during the past 10 years. When it comes to obscene gestures, comments and throwing objects, UCLA has been very creative. It seems the Bruin faithful have gotten a taste of their own medicine and don't like it.


Los Angeles

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