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The Author Doth Protest Too Much

January 16, 1994

It was truly rich reading David Streitfeld's article on the continuing controversy that surrounds Carlin Romano's book review in the Nation of Catharine MacKinnon's latest work of psycho-fiction ("Does Rape in Words Equal Rape in Deed?" Jan. 5).

The irony of MacKinnon's shock and outrage at Romano's essay is too sweet, as it comes from a woman who has branded the producers of erotica as "Nazis" and attacked feminists who oppose her censorship as "Uncle Toms."

MacKinnon has used words to inflict ridicule, injury and hate upon people too many times to count. Her protest reeks of an intellectual terrorist crying foul on the front lines.




Rapists should be executed. Women who cut off men's penises should be hanged. And the editors who caused Catharine MacKinnon's book, "Only Words," to be reviewed should be put in stocks and pelted with water-filled condoms.

The intelligent thing to do with a book that has a premise as ridiculous as hers is to ignore it.


Los Angeles

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