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Sen. David A. Roberti

January 16, 1994

The move by anti-gun control people to impeach state Sen. David A. Roberti (Jan. 6) is an example of sheer hypocrisy. He is on their hit list for leading the fight to ban automatic weapons of mass destruction.

These extremists who fight to maintain their right to arm criminals have flooded the country with weapons of murder and then blame law enforcement because they can't pick them out. They attack the senator for voting to support the governor's bill to provide the resources to buy weapons for the police, so that they can afford to arm themselves as well as the gun dealers have armed the crooks and kooks.

The blood of the many victims of massacres and street shootings is on their hands, but they have no shame. They use innuendo, half-truths and warped arguments to justify the unjustifiable.


Sherman Oaks

The Times' characterization of the recall effort against Sen. Roberti as "foolishness" (editorial, Jan. 7) ignores the true message of this movement. Even though Roberti only has eight months left in office, other politicians must now reckon with the consequences of pushing gun control on honest citizens. I predict that Gov. Ann Richards of Texas will run afoul of much the same type of movement next November. Now there's a politician who is really out of touch with her constituents.

I challenge The Times to reconcile the polls that indicate people want increased gun control with record handgun sales across the nation, as well as a burgeoning NRA membership (now over 3.3 million). I question whether The Times would state that "any recall effort based on a single issue is a bad idea" if the issue were abortion, gay rights or the 1st Amendment.


San Clemente

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