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Letters : Here's Another Y

January 16, 1994

In your excellent article "The Y Option" (Dec. 19), you neglected to mention the YMCA International House, 1 Orchard Road, Singapore 0923. Located in the heart of the financial/shopping district, the International House offers clean, comfortable rooms for about $55.

Rooms have air conditioning, bathroom, television, maid service and the McDonald's in the lobby even offers free room service!

In addition, the International House has a large pool and fitness room. Buses and subways come and go practically from the front step. And the YMCA takes reservations by phone (011-65-337-3444). This is more of a necessity than a convenience, for the International House is often booked a month in advance.

Singapore hotels boast occupancy rates of 80% or better year-round, pushing the average hotel room cost well over $100 a night. The YMCA International House is virtually the only hotel offering comfort and convenience at such an affordable price.



Williamsburg Wow

What terrific armchair traveling was provided in the Dec. 12 story about Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas ("Ye Olde Colonial Christmas"). I've always wanted to see this historic community, even more so now. Gave a great deal of colorful flavor to someone like me longing for an old-fashioned Christmas.


West Covina

My Fair Lady?

Although I enjoyed the complimentary article on Santa Paula by Paul Dean ("Weekend Escape," Dec. 5), I was annoyed by the repeated use of my lady to describe the female companion. My lady denotes to me, and possibly to many other readers, ownership or possession. I felt this description of the woman friend, albeit chivalrous, was inappropriate and detracted from an otherwise fine report.


Santa Barbara

Best Shot Boost

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy "My Best Shot." The choices have been outstanding. This is a delightful feature in a fine section of The Times.


Los Angeles

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