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Protecting Immigrants

January 17, 1994

In response to "Group Forms to Fight 'Immigrant Bashing,' " Jan. 7:

With Los Angeles County and the entire state on the verge of bankruptcy, it is comforting to know that some "local Latino elected officials" have come together to form PRIDE, an illegal alien rights group. God forbid that they should lose their free health care and welfare benefits.

As a Latino taxpayer, I am sick and tired of politicians, such as Xavier Becerra, Gloria Molina, Hilda Solis and Art Torres playing the "race" card to keep our borders open to whoever wants to enter and then provide "services" to them at my expense. They are not my responsibility!

There is obviously enough work in this country to provide jobs for all of these people; what's the problem with a quick and easy way to document these immigrants at the border so they are held responsible for their actions, just as we are when we go to Mexico?

If these self-appointed saviors of Latino rights are really for "responsible" immigration, then they should start worrying about the rights of their constituents rather than the rights of illegal aliens, or don't we count any more?

This is not an issue of race. It is an issue of economic and national sovereignty. My tax dollars only go so far!



So the apologists for illegal immigration who have formed a high-powered lobbying group and hired PR agents claim that "all immigrants, including the undocumented, have rights . . . including access to public schools." In other countries that take a far more sensible approach to the immigration crisis than America, non-citizens and foreigners are allowed to attend local educational facilities, but must pay for that privilege.

While Gov. Pete Wilson is on the right track when he complains about the tremendous costs of educating non-citizens, he and other public officials should not ignore the obvious: Illegal aliens should have to pay for the educational services that they are provided, which are normally free, rather than banning them outright.

Nothing will really turn the tide in the other direction unless Mexico reduces its birthrate drastically and/or a Berlin Wall goes up at San Ysidro and along the Rio Grande.

M. S. SNIDER, Los Angeles


My ancestors were here in California before the white Europeans came, dispossessing the Indians and the Mexicans with their treachery and deceit. So as far as I'm concerned, you're all immigrants.

Don't blame today's immigrants for our woes; we are the ones who give them jobs, we are the ones who make it easy to get welfare, so who's at fault?


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