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Football: Banning Fan Offers Support for Coach

January 20, 1994

I recently read in your newspaper some vocal opinions (Dec. 23) regarding the status of Banning High School's football program. It appears the Banning Booster Club is intent upon changing their head football coach and is using the media to vent their frustrations.

I realize football at Banning High is taken very seriously, but aren't some of the statements and concerns of these supporters a little extreme and overzealous? I thought the proper term for these young men was student athlete. It appears the "student" aspect of sports has been lost among some supporters.

Yes, football is a positive activity for these young men. It builds self-esteem, confidence and a sense of teamwork, all important qualities for young people to possess.

It appears Coach Ed Paculba's only mistake is that he has posted a 12-10 record in two seasons at Banning. If his only "crime" is not winning more games than the booster club wants, there would appear to be no court in the land which would find him guilty of some heinous act. Nowhere do we hear charges of the coach abusing his players or teaching them unethical tactics.

Sure, kids may have changed, but the old adage our parents and grandparents taught us should still stand, "It's not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

Let's hope the boosters are as vociferous in voicing their concerns about a mediocre teacher as they are about a coach with a winning record.



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