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OC High asks: What is your worst nightmare (dream or otherwise)?

January 20, 1994|Responses gathered by Luke Fenchel, University; Michelle Pham, Trabuco Hills; Amanda Garcia, El Modena; Tricia Michaels, Fountain Valley; Lisa Okikawa, Cypress; Mona Hanouni, Loara; Christine Monette, Rosary; Leeza Duong, Santiago; Kelly Darling, Calvary Chapel; Hallie Kim, Brea Olinda; Persida Brasov, Garden Grove; Jenny Timar, Los Alamitos; Alison Koodrich, Ocean View; Kelly Maakestad, Bolsa Grande; Michael Moore, Saddleback; Judy Tsai, Huntington Beach; Tori Clive, Cypress; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Tina Toochinda, Dana Hills; Jenifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Kiran Jain, El Dorado; Ming Hsu, Irvine

"My worst nightmare was waking up and going to school in my brother's clothes. He dresses like a complete moron!"

Nick Moller, 17

senior, Loara

"I had a dream once that I was falling backward down a chasm. Suddenly a half-decayed body fell on top of me and I couldn't get it off."

Jake Bernardoni, 16

junior, El Modena

"When a Democrat got elected to office. Actually, I'm still living a nightmare and I'm waiting for it to end."

Alex Ko, 17

senior, University

"Being made a living host to maggots."

Nimitt Shah, 15

sophomore, Trabuco Hills

"My worst nightmare would be to lose a leg and not be able to dance or walk again."

Miranda Critchell, 15

freshman, Fountain Valley

"I dreamed that I got married to Chelsea Clinton."

James Folmar, 17

junior, Calvary Chapel

"When I was little, I used to dream that a bloody hand was crawling up my bed, across my pillow and toward my face. I was scared to go to bed at night."

Jennie Wootton, 17

senior, Ocean View

"That Bill Clinton was my dad."

Kathy Witkowski, 14

freshman, Calvary Chapel

"Finding out I have to go to school for 10 more years."

Summer Burke, 16

sophomore, Irvine

"My worst nightmare is that I'll fail physics or government, I'll never graduate, and everyone will make fun of me because I should have passed even though I didn't."

Kelle Woo, 16

senior, Cypress

"Waking up and finding my family gone."

Khirstin White, 17

senior, Dana Hills

"Being eaten by sharks."

Melissa Tollison, 16

junior, Huntington Beach

"Being buried alive."

Brian Duffy, 18

senior, El Dorado

"I had a dream that I was surrounded by skulls with bloody mouths. They kept closing in on me, and then the room was pitch black. Then I woke up screaming and out of breath."

Selena Perez, 16

sophomore, Rosary

"My worst dream was of somebody trying to break into my house and I couldn't stop them."

Richard Kluin, 18

senior, Santiago

"To be locked in a room with a bunch of spiders and be forced to watch 'Brady Bunch' reruns. Now that's scary!"

Sarah Beckley, 17

senior, Brea Olinda.

"My worst nightmare was when I was about 8 years old, while I lived in New Jersey. A gigantic cobra crawled out of a sewer and started chasing me. It lashed its lethal tongue in my direction, and I ran for home as I never did before. It followed me through my house up to the roof and there I stopped. I was at the edge of the roof. It just slowly approached, its large tongue rolled out. I slipped and started falling off the roof. I woke up in a cold sweat to a slight painful sensation throughout my back. It felt like I actually did fall off a building."

Hitish Patel, 17

senior, Garden Grove

"I wake up and everything that is important to me is gone. My family, my friends, the one guy I've ever loved."

Kymberli Jenkins, 17

junior, Bolsa Grande

"I was dreaming that I was at a Mock Trial competition and I was the only one from our large team in the audience. My friend was the attorney for the defense. The lawyer for the prosecution suddenly started talking her clothes off. This really distracted my male friend, and we ended up losing the competition. I began crying and I went searching for my friend because I was really mad that we lost the competition. As I was running, I suddenly fell through the floor and into this huge underground pool--and I cannot swim."

Hieng Hong, 17

senior, Saddleback

"To wake up and not be able to do the things I love to do--mainly athletics--because of bad health, an injury or an accident."

Robert Peelle, 15

sophomore, Cypress


Leslie Johnson, 16

junior, Huntington Beach

"Getting my head chopped off in a guillotine."

B.J. Shuler, 14

freshman, Dana Hills

"My worst nightmare is to be dead before I can even have a family and live happily."

Luis Corona, 17

senior, Sonora

"I've always had this recurring nightmare for as long as I can remember. My parents and my brother take me out to a valley, blindfolded, and leave me there--and I never find my way back home."

Sarah Delfs, 16

junior, Villa Park

"The Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl."

Nathan Neustaeder, 15

sophomore, Irvine

"To be a failure in the world."

Millei Alra, 17

senior, Trabuco Hills

"When I was playing in a big basketball game with big college recruiters present and I played really bad."

Greg Foster, 17

junior, Irvine

"My worst nightmare would be to wake up in a strange place and not be able to find a way home."

Amma Liu, 15

junior, Fountain Valley

"My worst nightmare would be if I messed up on all of my college applications and I wasn't accepted anywhere, which would mean I'd have to live at home for another two years. Scary thought."

Mike Warren, 17

senior, Cypress

"Coming home to nothing--no family or house or anything. I hate the feeling of being alone."

Lisa Digrado, 15

freshman, Villa Park

"If a break a high E string on my guitar while playing a club."

Eric Zamora, 17

junior, Loara

"I was in the ocean by myself. There were all these

whales around me. There was nothing to hold on to, and I could hardly breathe."

Erin Osajima, 16

junior, Rosary

"To lose my hand or become paralyzed, because then I wouldn't be able to draw anymore."

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