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Superficial Changes

January 21, 1994|ANDREA HEIMAN

Teen-agers and makeup have long been inseparable. You probably experimented with one of the following brands or colors if you were coming of age in the:


Max Factor lipsticks (called "stainers" because they stained the lips) in dark berry, bright orange-red and coral

Deep red cream rouge

Setting powder

Brow liner

Orange-tinted foundation (water-based makeup in a bottle)

Chanel No. 5


Tangee lipstick

Max Factor True Color indelible lipstick in fuchsia, clear red, blue-red and rose red

Maybelline cake mascara

Max Factor flat pan-cake makeup

Max Factor pan-stick makeup

Taboo and Shalimar fragrances


Chen Yu exotic nail colors

Cream Puff makeup by Max factor (compact with puff)

Bright red and tangerine lipstick by Maybelline or Max Factor

Max Factor's Erase (cover stick for hiding blemishes or under-eye circles)

Blue and green eye shadow

Coty and Femme fragrances


Light, frosted, pearlized nail polishes

Frosted pink lipstick

Maybelline black eyeliner

Maybelline cake blue eye shadow with its own little brush.

False eyelashes

Muguet des Bois fragrance

Musk oil and Patchouli oil


Clear and pink-gold lip gloss in a pot

Bonne Belle gel blush

Blue and green eye shadow

Jean Nate skin products

Mary Quant makeup

Charlie perfume

Love's Baby Soft fragrance


Flavored and scented pink lip gloss in a long, thin tube with spongy applicator

Flavored Bonne Belle Lip Smackers

Clinique products, particularly clover blush

Revlon bright purple and blue eye shadows

Obsession perfume


Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Eye shadow in muted earth tones

Touch stick concealers

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