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Sneaks 94 : Summer

January 23, 1994

Watch for John Grisham--this time in the guise of "The Client," starring Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones, under the guiding hand of Joel Schumacher--to do battle with Tom Clancy, whose "Clear and Present Danger" brings back Harrison Ford as CIA ace Jack Ryan. And both must battle Arnold, who's fighting nuclear terrorists in James Cameron's "True Lies." Jones also stars in "Blown Away," as a bomber terrorizing Boston. "The Lion King," Disney's first animated feature since the mega-blockbuster "Aladdin," will also bow. And "Beverly Hills Cop III" and "City Slickers II" will pick up where the last episodes left off.

Airheads. Director Michael Lehmann shrugs off "Hudson Hawk" and offers up this wacky comedy concerning three metal heads who take a radio station hostage to get their record on the air. Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley star. (Fox)

Angels in the Outfield. Danny Glover is a player for the California Angels, who don't have a chance to win the pennant. When some real angels float down from Above to help these masters of mediocrity, they start to see some changes in the win column. Tony Danza co-stars. (Walt Disney)

Baby's Day Out. John Hughes has written this comedy about a real babe: Bink, a cute little 11-month-old. He's a resilient little terror, so when he manages to get loose, the whole town begins to frantically search for him. Joe Mantegna and Lara Flynn Boyle star. (Fox)

Barcelona. Director Whit Stillman's first venture since "Metropolitan" focuses on two cousins, both of whom share a bitter history from summers spent in Wisconsin while growing up. Suddenly they're in Spain, it's a tense atmosphere and four women they become involved with restart the old friction. Ted Boynton and Fred Mason star. (Fine Line)

Beverly Hills Cop III. Eddie Murphy's back as Axel Foley, the best and baddest the Motor City has to offer. This time he's lured to WonderWorld, an amusement park infested with a criminal element. It won't be for long. . . . John Landis (he and Eddie kissed and made up) directs; Judge Reinhold and Hector Elizondo co-star. (Paramount)

Bhaji on the Beach. Gurinder Chadha, a British woman of Indian descent, has directed her first feature involving a diverse group of Indian women on a trip to working-class Blackpool, where they deal with the multiethnic England of today. (First Look)

Black Beauty. "Edward Scissorhands" scribe Caroline Thompson writes and directs her version of the Anna Sewell classic. Sean Bean and "Naked's" acclaimed David Thewlis show us a time when horses were an integral part of people's lives. (Warner Bros.)

Blankman. The guy's got nothing . . . no money, no superpowers, not even a name. Damon Wayans is Blankman, the neighborhood crimebuster who, in his underwear and adorned with grandma's housecoat-turned cape, battles evil with something you can't buy--wits. David Alan Grier and Robin Givens co-star. (Columbia)

Blown Away. Big-city bomb-squad captain Jeff Bridges matches wits with big-city bomber Tommy Lee Jones in this action film. Bridges is a newlywed who hopes to retire, but Jones has other plans for him. Forest Whitaker and Lloyd Bridges also star. (MGM)

Call Me Victor. Eleven-year-old Basile has much to think about. His family is as bizarre as a family can be, and he's just gaga over an older woman, 16-year-old Cecile. Maybe his aunt who hasn't left the attic in three decades can help him out. French with English subtitles. Jeanne Moreau stars. (Sony Pictures Classics)

City Slickers II--The Legend of Curly's Gold. Billy Crystal's character is back home in suburban NYC (nurturing pet cow Norman) when he finds an old treasure map in the band of Curly's hat. Well, he heads out West again to claim the gold, only to run into Curly's twin brother, Duke, who's not as cheery a fellow as his late brother. Daniel Stern and Jack Palance co-star; Paul Weiland directs. (Columbia)

Clear and Present Danger. Harrison Ford's next turn as the CIA's Jack Ryan finds him battling the powerful and remorseless drug cartels of Colombia. When Ryan discovers a connection between a wealthy supporter of the President and the cartel, an adventure spanning two continents begins. Willem Dafoe and Anne Archer also star. Phillip Noyce directs. (Paramount)

The Client. John Grisham's novels have made a splash in their celluloid forms thus far, and Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones are hoping he'll go three-for-three. Joel Schumacher directs this thriller of a young boy who witnesses a suicide and last-minute confession that puts him in mortal danger. A brilliant lawyer helps him legally keep his secret. (Warner Bros.)

Crooklyn. Joie Lee, brother Spike and Alfre Woodard star in Spike's next look at the African American experience. This time it's the early '70s, and we'll follow a young family in New York as they struggle to achieve better things after the preceding turbulent decade. Spike Lee co-writes, directs and produces. (Universal)

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