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Informed Voters Will Reject 'Insider' Candidates

January 23, 1994

* With respect to Bill Spillane's endorsement of Newbury Park businessman Robert Hammer for California's 24th Congressional District seat (Political Briefing, Jan. 7), I can only say that this further illustrates the shifting tides of our day.

Speaking as a mother, a homeowner and 21-year resident of Van Nuys, I have concluded that today's informed voter will reject hand-picked insiders come June 7 in favor of candidates who:

* Have suffered the problems of this district as we have, specifically crime and economic decline.

* Aren't afraid to stand up to Washington and Sacramento bureaucrats.

* Are accountable to the people from Day 1.

Mr. Hammer is a respected leader in this community, a private citizen with zero political baggage and indebtedness (a gem for this reason alone).

Mr. Spillane recognizes these facts. We should all follow his bold lead.


Van Nuys

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