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THE 6.6 QUAKE : On the Rebound: A Guide to Recovery and Resources : Finding Your Route

January 23, 1994

Navigating the quake-mangled freeway system will take planning and perseverance, probably for many months to come. Here are some of the major road closures and some alternate routes:


The following roads are closed as of Friday:

1. Pacific Coast Highway, from Chautauqua Boulevard to Temescal Canyon because of landslide.

Primary alternate: Northbound: From Pacific Coast Highway, right on Chautauqua (north), then left (west) on Sunset Boulevard, left (south) on Temescal Canyon Road back to northbound Pacific Coast Highway. Southbound: Two lanes open.

2. Golden State Freeway (I-5) northbound, closed at Antelope Valley Freeway (California 14) because of bridge damage, but truck lane to Antelope Valley Freeway is open. Golden State Freeway northbound connector to eastbound Foothill Freeway (210) is closed. Golden State Freeway, three northbound lanes, closed from Lyons Avenue to McBean Parkway, two lanes closed at Magic Mountain Parkway. On-ramp from Magic Mountain Parkway is closed.

Primary alternate: Take northbound Antelope Valley Freeway to westbound San Fernando Road (California 126), left (west) on Lyons Avenue, right (north) on Orchard Village, left (west) on McBean Parkway to the Golden State Freeway. Temporary closure from Orchard/Lyons to Lyons/I-5 because of resurfacing.

3. The southbound Golden State Freeway (I-5) is closed between Lyons Avenue and the Foothill Freeway (I-210) because of bridge collapse.

Two lanes closed on I-5 southbound at Rye Canyon Road.

Primary alternate: Exit at Lyons Avenue east, right (south) to San Fernando Road (California 126), right (south) on Sierra Highway, left (south) to San Fernando Road, right (south) on Sepulveda Boulevard, left (east) to Roxford Street to southbound I-5.

4. Golden State Freeway (I-5) southbound, north of California 138, local traffic only past California 138. All other traffic will be detoured via primary alternate.

Primary alternate: Golden State (I-5) southbound to California 138 (eastbound) to the Antelope Valley Freeway (California 14) southbound to eastbound California 138 to the southbound Barstow Freeway (I-15). Use westbound San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) or the Pomona Freeway (California 60) to Downtown L.A.

5. The eastbound Santa Monica Freeway (10) is closed from the San Diego Freeway (405) to Washington Boulevard. Northbound and southbound connectors to 405 are open.

Primary alternate: Take eastbound (left) Pico Boulevard, then south (right) on La Brea to eastbound Santa Monica Freeway.

6. The westbound Santa Monica Freeway is closed from Washington Boulevard to La Cienega Boulevard.

Primary alternate: Exit at Washington Boulevard, proceed right (north) to Fairfax Avenue, left (west) at Venice Boulevard, right (west) at Cadillac Avenue, left (south) at La Cienega Boulevard to westbound Santa Monica.

7. The westbound Santa Monica Freeway connector to the southbound San Diego Freeway (I-405) is closed because of structural damage.

Primary alternate: Westbound traffic exit at Overland Avenue, proceed straight onto National Boulevard to southbound San Diego Freeway (I-405) on-ramp.

8. Antelope Valley Freeway (California 14) One lane is closed between the Golden State Freeway (I-5) split and San Fernando Road. Off-ramp to Sierra Highway closed.

Primary alternate: Not required. Use off-ramp to Via Princessa to Sierra Highway.

9. Antelope Valley Freeway (California 14) southbound closed at Placerita Canyon Road (before the Golden State Freeway interchange).

Primary alternate: Exit southbound Antelope Valley Freeway at Placerita Canyon Road, left (southbound) on Sierra Highway, which turns into San Fernando Road, proceed south (right) to Sepulveda Boulevard, right on Sepulveda Boulevard, east (left) to Roxford Street, proceed to southbound Golden State Freeway (I-5).

10. Hollywood Freeway (U.S. 101) connector northbound at California 170 has one of three lanes closed because of structural damage.

Primary alternate: Two lanes open on northbound Hollywood Freeway.

11. Eastbound Simi Valley Freeway (118) is closed from Reseda Boulevard to the Foothill Freeway (I-210). Two lanes closed on eastbound California 118 between Tapo Canyon Road and Stearns in Ventura County.

Primary alternate: Exit onto southbound Tampa Avenue to Devonshire Street, left on Devonshire Street to southbound San Diego Freeway or right on Arleta Avenue, left on Van Nuys Boulevard to the Golden State Freeway or the Foothill Freeway.

12. Ventura/Glendale freeways transition closed. Westbound Ventura (134) to south and northbound Glendale Freeway (2) closed as well as the eastbound 134 to the southbound 2 closed. The bridge moved.

Primary alternate: Follow the California Highway Patrol officers who will be escorting drivers off the 134 and then back on at a safe place.

For freeway information, call (800) 427-7623.


Amtrak service between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo resumed Thursday. Call (800) USA-RAIL for information.

Source: Caltrans and Automobile Club of Southern California

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