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Real or Imaginary 'Tales'

January 23, 1994

Regarding "Tales of the City" (PBS): I certainly hope that the author and producers of this miniseries don't think that his view of the '70s was how it was for everyone. I lived through the '70s during my 20s and there wasn't anything portrayed in this series that was even remotely like my life. Certainly not everyone was smoking marijuana, sleeping with the same sex and splattering conversations with four-letter words.

Barbara George, Arcadia

What a laugh! With all the gore and mayhem and meanness on television, it has been decided to pixillate a view of a bare bottom so viewers can't see it on "Tales of the City."

Personally, I find the sight of a killer's bare chest infinitely more repugnant than a bare bottom on the beach.

Kurt Sipolski, Palm Desert

No Salvation for Parade Rerun

I was disappointed with the 7:30 p.m. rebroadcast by KTLA of the Rose Parade. I thought it would be commercial-free just like the parade aired at 8 a.m. The station had one of its commercial breaks during the Salvation Army Band. Bad timing.

Margaret Ayers, Mission Hills

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