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This Wasn't Wake-Up Call They Wanted

January 24, 1994|SHAV GLICK

Last week's earthquake reminded hockey legend Emile Francis of the time in 1971 when he was in Los Angeles as coach of the New York Rangers and he gave the team a dressing down before a game with the Kings. He told them that if they did not have a good road trip, he would shake up the team with a major trade.

"Well, the next morning around 6 a.m. we had an earthquake," Francis, 67, recalled in a conversation with Jim Smith of Newsday. "The bed in the hotel was shaking. The chandelier was shaking--for about 40 seconds. Later, when I saw (center) Pete Stemkowski, he said, 'Geez, you threatened us with a shakeup. You didn't have to order an earthquake.' "

Trivia time: Who holds the Professional Bowling Assn. one-year record for earnings?

Rainbow Rodman: For real shock value, the sight of San Antonio forward Dennis Rodman earlier in the season--a tall black man with a thatch of dyed blond hair on top of his head, the sides close-shaven--remains unequaled.

At one point Rodman's hair was burgundy. Now he has short-cropped blue hair. The Knicks' Anthony Bonner likes it: "I think it's a nice touch--if he has a blue suit to go with it."

Rodman has plans for yet another look if he makes the All-Star game. "If I get voted in I'm going to change it to green . . . loud green," he said.

Different strokes: During the Qatar Open tennis tournament, when a signal sounded throughout the city of Doha, white-robed spectators stood up and left to pray. Later, they returned to their seats.

Mark Miles, chief executive officer of the ATP Tour, told Ross Atkins of the Christian Science Monitor that the periodic mid-match departures were "a lot less disruptive than the planes flying overhead at Flushing Meadow," during the U.S. Open in New York City.

Right name: Richard Ace made a shot to match his name--on the sixth hole of the Gulf Gate Country Club in Florida.

Inflation: The original Stanley Cup, a silver bowl, cost $48.67 when it was purchased by Lord Stanley in 1893.

The value of the NFL champion's cup today is $85,000, according to Boffey, Inc. of Montreal, maker of the trophy.

The way it is: The late Chub Feeney, former National League president, is remembered by San Francisco Examiner columnist Art Spander for his views on the designated hitter rule.

"We play the game in our league the way it was supposed to be played," Feeney told Spander. "With nine men."

Trivia answer: Mike Aulby of Indianapolis, $298,237, in 1989.

Quotebook: Chicago White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, after the major league winter meeting failed to produce a commissioner: "Somebody said we can't even get 21 votes to go home."

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