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OC HIGH / STUDENT NEWS & VIEWS : Third of Students in School Survey Claim Sexual Activity

January 27, 1994|BRIAN SINGER | Brian Singer is a senior at Fullerton High School.

One-third of 276 students at Fullerton High School surveyed by the campus newspaper, the Pleiades, said they have had sexual intercourse.

The survey respondents were divided equally among four class levels. The seniors responding to the survey, conducted in November, reported the highest rate of sexual intercourse, 56%. The sophomores had the lowest rate, 19%.

Other findings:

* Nearly two-thirds of students surveyed said they don't feel it is wrong to have sexual intercourse before marriage.

* Sixty-eight percent of students said the distribution of condoms and related information is appropriate in high schools.

* Sixty-two percent said health and related classes at the school do not thoroughly cover teen sexuality.

* A majority of students surveyed felt that education on teen pregnancy and birth control, AIDS and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases should be emphasized more in classes.

Of the one-third surveyed who described themselves as sexually active:

* Their first sexual encounter occurred at an average age of 14.7 years.

* They have had on average 2.8 partners.

* Fifty-seven percent said they have had sexual relations without using a condom.

* One-third said they have been tested for AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

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