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Earthquake: The Long Road Back : Unsafe to Drink

January 28, 1994

Water service has been restored to nearly all customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, but an advisory to boil tap water remains in portions of the northern San Fernando Valley.

Within the shaded area, residents should boil water for at least five minutes before using or consuming. To disinfect water with bleach, add 8 drops of plain household bleach per gallon of water if it is clear and 16 drops if it is cloudy. Mix well and let sit for 30 minutes. Water disinfected with bleach will have a faint chlorine taste and odor.

Valley areas in which the DWP advisory is still in effect include:

* North of the Simi Valley Freeway (118), between Reseda Boulevard on the west and the Golden State (5) and San Diego (405) freeways on the east.

* North of Devonshire Street, south of Rinaldi Street, east of De Soto Avenue and west of Woodley Avenue.

Customers with questions should call (818) DIAL DWP or (800) DIAL DWP outside the 818 area code.

Once the advisory is lifted, residents should flush their plumbing system by running water in the bathtub or shower for at least five minutes. In addition, each faucet on the property should be run for at least a minute. If your water heater contains water delivered during an advisory period, drain it if possible.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, the following areas are advised to keep boiling their water:

* Newhall customers of the Newhall County Water District. Information: (805) 257-6024.

* All customers of the Santa Clarita Water Co. Information: (805) 259-2737.

* All customers of the Valencia Water Co. Information: (805) 257-3566.

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