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THE BIZ : A Kinder, Gentler Station

January 30, 1994|Greg Spring

Rocked by the increasing uproar over studies that link violence on TV to violence on the nation's streets, Hollywood's television executives are finding themselves under pressure to clean up their act, lest someone or something else clean it up for them. If they're looking for ideas, the kinder, gentler future lineup could look something like this:

T*R*A*S*H: Follow the heartwarming adventures of a team of sanitation workers struggling to maintain its sanity on the front lines of the war against solid waste.

SLiPS: Erik Estrada returns to the hazard-filled freeways of Southern California, this time as a delivery truck driver for Victoria's Secret.

The Father Dowling Ministries: This time, Tom Bosley stays away from murderers, instead concentrating on uncovering the real culprits behind the nation's most baffling sermons.

Rescue 411: The real-life drama of those who risk life and limb as telephone operators. Segments include the playback of frantic callers trying to reach the IRS on April 15 and a nasty coffee spill that nearly wipes out communications in half of Cleveland.

Mild Uncertainty!: Three contestants give the question to a series of answers read by Alex Trebek, who continually reminds each player that they are all winners in their own special way.

The Ben and Jerry Show: Here, a cartoon cat and mouse put aside their competitive ways to run one of the world's most successful ice cream companies.

ABC's Monday Night Formal Ball: No sweaty giants pounding it out on the gridiron. This show follows the fancy footsteps of America's finest ballroom dancers.

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