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Getting Along

January 30, 1994

* "Honolulu Sets Pattern as Capital of Diversity" (Jan. 10) suggests that all of us can do better to erase racial and ethnic hatred, particularly if we maintain our sense of humor. I would like to add five excellent reasons why we should fervently reject all hatred of our fellow humans.

1. Most of us will agree that there is no "superior race." There are, however, superior people who achieve and excel.

2. Most of us will agree that achievement is possible only if freedom to think and act independently is available to every individual.

3. Most of us will agree that we are what we are and have what we have because of people's efforts in past generations. We stupidly deny their magnificent contributions if we don't take advantage of our freedom in the U.S. to progress further.

4. Most of us will agree that politicians who promise to make everything "right" frequently make things worse.

5. Most of us will agree that the world is becoming smaller and smaller and that the element of race is becoming increasingly diffused. We will probably blend into one in the distant future.



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