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Various DWP Crews Praised for Service

March 03, 1994

* Employees of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power provided outstanding service during the days following the earthquake.

A widespread area of the San Fernando Valley received massive damage, and the DWP also suffered major damage to its facilities in the area.

On the morning of Jan. 17, employees of the Granada Hills Service Center reported for work almost immediately, leaving their own families and homes, to help repair and restore the electrical system, some of which had sustained substantial damage. The employees began to clean up and organize the yard and offices, which also did not have power (for two days) or water (for four days).

The field crews, including electrical craft and tree-trimming personnel, were out repairing the electrical system by midmorning and continued to work until late Monday night without access to food or water. These crews were supported by the warehouse and administrative employees.

The field crews worked 12 to 16 hours a day for two weeks following the earthquake. The Granada Hills Service Center crews were supported by crews from their sister service centers in the metropolitan area.

Many of the employees sacrificed time away from their families and put their personal business on hold until the public had electricity restored.

Because of the extended work hours and the severe traffic problems, employees living in outlying areas opted to remain on-site in makeshift sleeping arrangements.

Although these jobs are not high profile or glamorous, they are extremely dangerous. Their function affects each one of us every day and in the face of disaster. These employees were responsive, organized and professional during these chaotic times.

The public has been very supportive, and this support has lifted the crews' spirit. When the list of heroes of the recovery from the earthquake is compiled, these dedicated DWP employees should be at the top.



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