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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS & VIEWS : 'My Father, the Hero' Makes Modern Fairy Tale a Sweet Dream : Teen reviews of books, music, movies and other things of interest.

March 03, 1994|TARA BUDZYN and DANA LENETZ | Tara Budzyn and Dana Lenetz are students at Foothill High School in Santa Ana.

Dana: Imagine being on a Caribbean island. The sun is shining, crystalline waves crash against the white sandy beaches, and the sounds of "Hey, Mon" and reggae music float harmoniously through the air. It is the ideal vacation except . . . your dad is with you! But for Katherine Heigl's character, Nicole, in the film "My Father, the Hero," going on vacation with her father is not a problem. In fact, it is the proverbial "blessing in disguise."

Tara: Speaking of blessings, don't forget to mention the appealing face of newcomer Dalton James who plays Ben, the local resident and hotel employee. Where did this guy come from--my wildest dreams?

Dana: Put your hormones on hold for a minute, Tara, so we can talk about the movie. The plot revolves around Nicole, who goes on vacation with her divorced father, Andre, who has lived in France for five years. Convinced that the vacation is going to be a complete disaster, Nikki complains during the entire trip, until she sees Ben. From then on, Nikki tries to capture Ben's attention and his heart. To impress him, Nicole almost sabotages her father's reputation and the entire vacation by telling Ben that her father is her lover.

Tara: And the director almost sabotages the movie by ceasing to recognize that Heigl's character is supposed to be only 14. I just don't think the Frederick's of Hollywood bathing suit look is appropriate in this film. The thong bathing suit and mini-dress does, however, draw attention away from Heigl's weak acting.

Dana: Oh, Tara, you are such a cynic! Even though her acting will not win any Oscars, I think that she portrayed the conniving, boy-crazy teen-ager perfectly.

Tara: To me, the only perfect thing in this movie is the stellar performance of Gerard Depardieu. He definitely earns his reputation as the most popular actor in France in his portrayal of the ever-patient, slightly zany, unselfishly loving father. His antics on water skis, the dance floor and the piano create spontaneous reaction out of the audience.

Dana: Of course, the mere presence of James is also perfect. Although he has that "Beverly Hills 90210/Melrose Place" look, he does create a compassionate, understanding and mysterious character that just does not exist in the teen-age species. But a girl can dream.

Tara: I think everyone who sees this movie will have sweet dreams.

Tara and Dana: We recommend seeing "My Father, the Hero" to those who love a good laugh, a fairy-tale ending and a great soundtrack. And of course, bring Dad along!

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