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Faux Pas Report

Stick Out Your Neck or Risk Getting Collared by Makeup


The way some women wear cosmetics, you'd think there was a 6.8 earthquake every morning. How else would you explain all the makeup stains covering their turtlenecks and high-necked blouses?

"There are special shields available in some stores that you zip over your face. They allow you to put a pullover sweater or blouse on without destroying your makeup," says Sandy Miller of Twice the Style in Costa Mesa. "But you could also just use an old scarf."

Those who pull the sweater on before applying base can tuck some tissues around the collar. When done, pull them carefully away from the face.

Lobe blows: It wasn't much more than a decade ago that macho guys began venturing out with a simple gold stud embedded in one lobe. The more adventurous started using diamonds (or the look-a-like cubic zirconia) and began adding more than one puncture to the outer edge of their ears.

Now, some desperate to reach the cutting edge of ear wear are punching their lobes with dangling chains of gold and silver.

"Chains or other hanging earrings are definitely an acquired taste for guys," says clothing designer Brian Mayne of Mission Viejo. "You wear them to nightclubs and parties, except when you know the president of your company will be present."

Unless you're going for the complete Melrose look, stick to dangling earrings no longer than 1 1/2 inches. Don't make the mistake of using a woman's hangers; their earrings are just plain different.

Animal magnetism: Like an endangered species that makes a comeback, those purposely tacky animal prints may be back again this spring and summer.

"I'm seeing more women with the zebra-patterned skirts and leopard blouses," says fashion buyer Ellen Corcoran of Yorba Linda. "These will continue to be a quirky trend, but don't make the mistake of wearing two different prints together."

Tan, white or black are good, neutral coordinating colors for a leopard, tiger or zebra fabric. Make sure that what you're wearing with animal is plain and simple, and please, don't mix the species.

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