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Leave God in Scouting, and Godless Out

March 06, 1994

* Scouting is not a business but a fraternal organization. It is a way of life--locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

Take God out of Scouting, you take the heart, soul and the spirit away. God belongs in Scouting, as those who do not believe in God belong out of Scouting.

The beauty of the U.S. is its diversity. The challenge is to the Randall family to start their own atheist boys organization. No one is forcing them to associate with God-loving people, as no one would stand in their way to associate with godless-believing people.

I only feel sorry that they try to damage children's organizations with their minority views and the litigation costs of defense that burden (Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America.)

Don't forget that it is the attorney Randall who is attacking the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, not the reverse. The Times calls for a drop in litigation by (the Boy Scouts) ("Business of Scouting," Editorial, March 2), not to defend their values that are being attacked.

The Times is wrong. It is the Randalls who should drop their attack on (the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts), gather all of the atheists, form their own organization, and go their own way, and take The Times with them.


Mission Viejo

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