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The Cable TV Industry's Monopoly

March 06, 1994

* I refer to yet another article on the cable TV industry ("Wireless Cable Venture in O.C. Could Cut Bills," Feb. 25): When are we going to get them to lower their prices? We seem to get the same old reaction from them. They have to study the rulings.

They do not study the rulings. They defy them. They do not appear to have a strong lobby, yet they do not comply with the FCC rulings about their exorbitant prices. They must know somebody. Surely their financial statements are the ultimate proof of their gouging the public.

Paragon Cable, the priciest of them all serving the Fountain Valley area, didn't hesitate in responding to the weakness of the ruling. They eliminated the senior citizens discount. I complained, of course, but it didn't do any good. I have cable primarily to see the hockey games. Prime Ticket is very good. The much ballyhooed ESPN is great for basketball, not hockey. Yet their new affiliate, ESPN 2, has several games per week, but we here in Fountain Valley don't get this station.

In inquiring why not, we get the same old answer: Costs are prohibitive, or they don't have room for the station.

In adjacent Santa Ana, another company (Comcast) with far (lower) rates provides this service. I don't get it. Of course the ultimate blame rests on the shoulders of the individual cities that simply handed the cable companies reins to conduct their monopoly.

Here's hoping that the FCC gets its teeth sharpened.


Fountain Valley

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